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Healing Health Care...

For over a century, American medicine has been limited by the Allopathic regime implemented by Rockefeller and Carnegie, following the Flexner Report, which showed that Patent Medicine would be the most profitable form of medicine as a monopoly, drawing on the government's powers to suppress competition for manufacturing a patented synthetic toxin and licensing it as a drug. Doctors using other forms of medicine were suppressed by only licensing MDs and DOs to diagnose and treat diseases at the state level. Realize that license in law comes into play only when there is a risk of harm. We have been pursuing true healing of the causes of disease for over 40 years, with our work featured in Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, considered the 'Bible' of the field. Learn more at sites like: 





Visionary Eye Care...





And specialized sites for healing the most common causes of blindness in the world today, like:

CataractLab.com (Cataract is the leading surgically treatable cause of blindness, but surgery fails to remove the underlying causes, which is why the average life expectancy after cataract surgery is only 5 years)

DryEyeLab.com (Dry Eye Syndrome is the leading cause of 'irreversible' blindness in the world today because of its devastating severity and prevalence in Africa)

Learn how our clients are reversing most of the vision loss caused by Glaucoma:



Learn how to reverse the leading cause of "irreversible" blindness in modern culture:




About Us

Remedy Match LLC, also DBA Healing Oasis. Learn more about us at these sites:


ISWeekly.com (access extensive writings - give it a very long time to load)

MentorshipU.com (We share the back story of many of our valued sources, past and present...)


PERMAfest.com (The Shire is our 90 acre plantation in Hawai'i)




Truly.So (links)

Truly.VIP (links)

Sites not yet published that may be available for partnership or purchase:













Aloha from Dr. Glen!

"At age 25, I was shocked to learn that I would go blind by age 50 with conventional medicine. While seeking solutions, I also learned I would die of stroke in my 30's, unless I corrected the underlying causes. In solving my own sight threatening and life threatening health challenges, I have developed the Clinical Theory™️ and Clinical Praxis™️ that has helped restore health and function for thousands of people with safe and natural therapies..."

Visit me at GlenSwartwout.com

and TheWizardofWellness.com

Aloha from Rae!

Susan ‘Rae’ Luscombe is a transformational life coach. Together, Dr. Glen & Rae bring you 23 years of collaboration to ensure that your Accelerated Self Healing™️ program restores your health and wellness with the optimum speed and efficiency you can achieve.

Together, we listen to the wisdom of your body so you will get the exact remedies, energies and information fields that heal your body fast.

Visit me at RaeLuscombe.com

Sean Luscombe has also joined out team. You can visit him at SeanLuscombe.com

End Your Stress of Not Knowing What to Do to Help Yourself!

We teach you about multiple ways to identify the right healing remedies and tools to help you heal faster than your body is breaking down… just like you did naturally when you were younger. Over time, this process will help you get back to the vigor and vitality you used to experience.

Stop Waiting for Pharmaceutical Medicine to Heal You.

Transform your relationship with your doctors to helping you monitor your healing progress, without needing to fall back on more drugs and surgery which ultimately do further harm and are an admission that your health has gotten to such a state that these heroic interventions are a last resort to manage your decline…

Finally Heal the Underlying Causes of Your Suffering.

Symptoms and even Diagnoses are descriptions of the effects of disturbed or disrupted function. You will begin to treat function through support and stimulation, rather than trying to kill all the dysfunctions, which are actually expressions of the body’s innate intelligence in its best efforts to resolve the underlying, often hidden and multifactorial causes. Trusting your own body, mind and spirit to guide your healing is half the battle for achieving a higher level of wellness. The other half is finding a guide, an interpreter, and a source for the natural resources that are so sadly missing from our modern man-made and technological living and working environments… You are in the right place at exactly the right time, and all of your past choices and challenges have led you right here.

Our Clients

Carol Merrill

“The Lovely Carol Merrill” we all remember from Let’s Make a Deal, is indeed a lovely soul. While living on the Island of Hawaii, she was an avid fan of Dr. Glen’s work, and hoped to team up to do a natural health show for television together… When People Magazine wanted to feature her in a “Where Are They Now” article, Carol insisted on bringing Dr. Glen and the lovely Canadian, Susan ‘Rae’ Luscombe, in on the shoot. The image that made it into print showed Dr. Glen measuring buccal currents caused by galvanic interactions of dissimilar metals in dental fillings.”

Kalani Souza

“Kalani Souza was told he would die in 2015 with no hope for a medical cure. In 2017, he left the hospital in a wheelchair with the mission to heal himself naturally. Healer, Othon Molina, Ph.d.c., LMT referred him to Dr. Glen, as Othon remembered referring Shari Belafonte to him in New York over 30 years before… At his first visit, it took 4 people to transfer Kalani in and out of his wheelchair… At his most recent visit, he walked up and down the front steps for the first time without even using his walking stick. The Accelerated Self Healing system works by producing coherence in the whole body.”

Dr. Todd Wylie

“Dr. Todd Wylie practices as a Doctor of Optometry in Spokane, Washington. After hearing several of Dr. Glen’s presentations on healing Glaucoma with natural medicine at the International Conference on Light and Vision, he completed an intensive training on Dr. Glen’s Clinical Theory of Everything… Implementing Accelerated Self Healing first for himself and his family, and then for patients in his practice. One of his many successful client referrals is a Glaucoma patient who was going blind, who has regained nearly half of her lost vision in the first 6 months of Accelerated Self Healing…”

Joy Dettling

“Joy Dettling is a Life Coach who learned she has elevated risk of vision loss due to Glaucoma, Pigment Dispersion Syndrome and Chorioretinopathy. Comparison of her clinical charts shows her dramatic healing of macular edema in just 3 months with the Accelerated Self Healing system. As a Life Coach, she is learning valuable skills in the Health and Wellness Coaching arena as she continues her own healing journey, and she also has the potential to train further with Dr. Glen to assist other clients like you in their quest for wellbeing and restored quality of life through Accelerated Self Healing.”

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The Power of Persistence

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"Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.” - G.K. Chesterton In the worst case scenario, a lot of patience and perseverance are required before seeing any results start to manifest. I was a worst case scenario… In my first year of Accelerated Self Healing, I...

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The Start of A New Paradigm

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My Battle With the Balrog Mercury… As a very young child, I had many high fevers… As an Ivy League trained Registered Nurse, my mother had easy access to Antibiotics where she worked at the hospital… We now know that Antibiotics like Tetracycline...

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