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My Road to Recovery

by Dr. Glen Swartwout

From early experiences in Vision Therapy to the threat of blindness, I have been led to a visionary new approach to healing.

I was a C student in 2nd Grade.

I had nothing to compare my experience to, to know what else might be possible.

Thank God, I chose the right parents!

(Click below to watch the video version of this article)

My father was a pioneer in Vision Therapy, or Visual Training as it was called back then…

He even wrote a book packed with his methods, that I would later bring to Tokyo to establish my first office as a Doctor of Optometry.

So, my first experience with Vision work was a summer of Vision exercises…

Learning and practicing how to get meaning from the lighted world…

And how to guide and coordinate action based on the visual space world:

Peripheral awareness of the fullness of visual space…

Eye movement, and coordination of the two eyes as a team…

Depth perception…

Eye hand and eye foot coordination…


Visual memory…


The following school year was a rebirth - like entering a whole new world…

I was an A student.

I was helping other students understand what the teacher was trying to get across…

I’m sure that I would never have achieved all of the academic awards and honors throughout my schooling without that boost from developing my Vision.

I certainly wouldn’t have been an Ivy League grad with high honors, or a Doctor!

When I was in high school, I began working in the Vision Therapy process.

I got to see what a difference it made in the quality of life of the patients, and feel how rewarding that was for me to contribute to bettering the lives of others.

That played a role in deciding to follow in my father’s footsteps as a Doctor of Optometry.

Fundamentally, I was drawn to Medicine.

Not conventional Medicine of that era, the 1970’s though…

You see, I had been raised in an unusual family.

Before I was born, my Father’s Mother nearly died when she was walking down the sidewalk one day, and a pesticide truck came by and sprayed her with DDT.

Truck spraying DDT

Her life was saved by an unusual physician who had spent 20 years doing hospital based research in vitamin metabolism and also researching energy medicine at General Electric with one of the world’s leading physicists, Charles Proteus Steinmetz.

The Dr.’s name was Dr. Martin.

And in his honor, I had been given the middle name Martin.

Dr. Martin was so far ahead of his time, that in 1960, he would ‘fire’ patients if they didn’t quit smoking cigarettes!

If Integrative Medicine had been a recognized specialty in Medicine in 1978 when I graduated from Dartmouth, that is where I would have gone…

I considered Naturopathic Medicine, which I have since studied, but it was not licensable in my home state of New York, so I passed on that for the time…

I already knew that as a Doctor of Optometry I could have a positive impact on peoples lives through Vision Therapy…

And I also knew that my dad had at least one colleague who used nutrition to treat his patients, so that showed me that I could at least explore the use of natural medicine within the eye care field.

That colleague who helped to inspire me happens to be a fellow Ivy Leaguer… a Princeton grad:

Benjamin C. Lane, O.D.

Benjamin C. Lane, M.P.H., O.D., F.A.A.O.

As an integral, synthetic thinker, the pathological side of medicine held the least appeal for me as I went through my training.

Little did I know that I wound wind up applying my way of thinking of solutions from ‘outside the box’ to reformulate the entire world of understanding and healing disease…

I didn’t even think I would like studying anatomy, and dissecting cadavers in the anatomy lab…

But the reality of actually seeing the incredible structure of the body in 3D totally fascinated me (even despite the overwhelming smell of formaldehyde).

Our anatomy professors, who also taught at the Medical School, said I was the best student they ever had… anywhere.

Along with being the top student at the top school in the field, I was also elected President of the international organization representing over 3000 student doctors, the American Optometric Student Association.

Retina in Glaucoma

In the midst of all that success, I learned that I had glaucoma!

At age 25, I found out that if I followed the conventional modes of treatment with drugs and surgery, I would still probably go blind by the age of 50.

The Ophthalmology Professor who diagnosed me knew enough of my background to suggest that I take on the task of discovering the underlying causes and healing myself rather than volunteering as another victim to the medical system.

That diagnosis, together with my orientation to natural medicine, my Ivy League training in multiple sciences, and the imminent doctorate in vision science started a perfect storm that has led me to my role today in not only healing glaucoma, but also other blinding eye diseases like cataract and macular degeneration.

And the remarkable experiences I have personally lived and witness around me over the past 38 years have also led me to do much research and contemplation in order to more fully comprehend the marvelous truths of science and spirit.

I conclude that we are all cells in God’s body…

Our vision is a window on creation, which is perhaps an ‘epiphenomenon’ of God’s mind, but a true reality nonetheless…

We can see not only directly with our eyes, and extended with our tools of sight into both the macrocosm and microcosm, but we see even further with the eyes of the mind, all the way out to the Hubble Sphere and in to the Planck unit of time, space and energy…

The alpha rhythm of the brain, the resting rhythm of the muscles of the eyes and the body, and the ‘refresh rate’ of our visual perception of gestalts of our visual spacial world are precisely located at the center of that full spectrum of our capacity to envision.

Planck Scale to Hubble Scale

We are an integral part of an autonomous, cellular, fractal, holographic, living, sentient universe.

Realization of these remarkable facts has become the essential context of my Clinical Theory of Everything.

They are worthy of contemplation…

Knowing who you are is essential to living life to its fullest, because who you are is ultimately who you are becoming…

Knowing why you are here is essential to being a fully sentient being, as we are babies, having a gestational growth experience as spirits inhabiting these biological body suits for a time here on Earth, the womb of the Heavens.

Healing IS personal growth… the growth and development of the Spirit, in its form, its substance and its content, the Soul.

Knowing where you are is essential in creating positive change…

And, how will you get where you want to go, without a decent map.

Clinical Theory is the road map to recovery of radiant health and wellbeing. 

You are here in the Milky Way galaxy

The Power of Persistence

by Dr. Glen Swartwout

"Anything worth doing is worth doing badly." - G.K. Chesterton 

In the worst case scenario, a lot of patience and perseverance are required before seeing any results start to manifest.

I was a worst case scenario...

In my first year of Accelerated Self Healing, I didn’t feel fundamentally any different.

(Click the video below to watch and listen, or click here to continue reading...)

It took me a couple of months to get started on my 14 dental restorations to remove the huge reservoirs of Mercury that were leeching out of my teeth at a relatively rapid rate.

Each time I replace two Amalgams with white composite materials, I was being exposed to an increased level of Mercury from drilling out the old fillings in order to reduce my future exposure.

My body was also unable to eliminate Mercury… 

So we were working against its tendency to build up even higher levels stored in my vital organs…

I was taking remedies identified by my mentor in Canada to balance my Biofield, as analyzed by electrophysiological measurements from German Diagnostic Electroacupuncture.

I was also learning the methods myself, and practicing on myself and any family members who would sit for it.

Discovering the existence of this kind of energetic testing, called Med-Testing or Medication Testing in Europe, was a real revelation for me.

It was even being used in some hospitals in Germany and Israel to select medications that would produce fewer side effects for the individual being tested based on the coherence in the body’s electrical response.

And members of the British Royal Family are known to rely on it…

In fact, I worked with a Hawaiian Prince who grew up in Buckingham Palace!

When clinically indicated medications and remedies are tested with this approach most of them do not produce a beneficial response of increased coherence in the body field…

Thus, 9 out of 10 clinical hypotheses are rejected without having to undergo a month of clinical trial…

Because the process of finding well suited remedies is so much faster, it is said that the clinician practicing this method gains the equivalent of 10 years experience in their first year of practice.

Considering that ratio, I must now have accumulated the equivalent of over 350 years of practice experience…

Though I like to think I don’t look a day over 300.

Dr. Glen Swartwout

For myself personally, I was able to go from taking over 40 remedies, based on laboratory testing analyzed by an advanced computer algorithm, to needing only about 10 remedies to balance my Biofield.

And that computer algorithm was quite powerful…

One of only three complaints about my New York practice came from it.

I’ll tell you the other two in a bit, but just like the other two, this one was a complaint by another doctor. 

Here’s what happened:

A concerned mom had brought her teenage girl in to see me for her vision problems…

She had very poor visual focusing ability, which we call Accommodative Infacility or Insufficiency…

At that time, I was still doing all my nutritional work through laboratory testing.

So, we had ordered a couple dozen routine blood tests, plus we did a trace mineral analysis of recently grown hair to screen for heavy metals and mineral imbalances.

We sent all the data off to a computer facility (remember, this was in the 1980’s, so there was no internet yet)…

They analyzed test results in ways far beyond the standard lab report.

You see, when you get a lab test, they report a statistically normal range of values based on all the people they test.

So, first of all, that is a population of people that includes a lot of sick people…

It’s a clinical population.

So your numbers have to be pretty bad to be out of range… usually worse than 95% of people trying to figure out what’s wrong with them!

But that’s not even the main point here…

If we look a little deeper, we see that most test results follow something like a ‘bell curve’ distribution.

Statistical Bell Curve

That means there is a central tendency that the body is trying to maintain.

But it also means that most people are either struggling to increase their level of that measurement to get it up to the norm, or they are struggling to decrease that value.

In terms of physiology (which just means function, by the way) those are two distinctly different functional states!


So if you take a few dozen separate chemical or material measurements of the body, typically almost all if not all of them will be in the laboratory’s clinically ‘normal’ range…

But most of them will be either higher or lower than the norm (average). 

The specific patterns of elevated and depressed findings then present a very diagnostic fingerprint of the body’s physiological state.

In other words, you go to the doctor because you can feel that something is not right, they order a blood test, and it comes back ‘normal’, so they tell you to come back if it gets worse and they will test again to see if it has gotten bad enough to show up on the separate tests of material levels that the body is desperately trying to keep balanced…

Sound familiar?

Well, after a few weeks, between getting the results from the lab, sending them off in the mail, and then getting the analysis back, we learned that this girl’s particular pattern correlated with a high risk for Acute Pancreatitis.

She had never had Pancreatitis… thank goodness.

So her mom purchased the nutritional supplements that the report found indicated, and off they went…

Well, it turned out that the girl was not cooperative at taking the recommended supplements, so they mostly sat in their bottles on the kitchen counter.

They might well have done more good had she been willing to take them.

We do find that.

A few months later, the girl indeed wound up very sick and in the hospital.

The diagnosis?

You probably guessed it already: Acute Pancreatitis.

So, a few months later, after she had recovered, the mom was meeting with one of the girl’s physicians.

The mom was really questioning why none of the other doctors she had taken her daughter to saw the problem coming…

Especially since Dr. Swartwout did.

“Who is Dr. Swartwout?”, they wanted to know, since they weren’t familiar with the name…

She explained that he is the girl’s Doctor of Optometry.

Well, you’ll have to imagine for yourself the response that got!

All I know is that the doctor filed a complaint about me.

Yeah… my bad!

I made the whole medical profession look bad.

In a more perfect world, I would imagine receiving an inquiry about my methods that allowed an accurate prediction of a serious acute illness…

But no…

New York State was not that perfect world…

Instead, the Medical Board decided that Doctors of Optometry should definitely not order lab tests any more…

It was an unspecified ‘gray’ area in the law at that time.

I was a licensed Doctor, so labs were happy to provide their services to me.

There was nothing in the regulations that said they shouldn’t…

But the letter of the law did not say whether I could, or could not order those tests.

One of the other two complaints I received while practicing with my father in New York for about 4 years was also about testing.

In this case it was specifically about non-invasive trace mineral analysis of the hair.

Again, in their ‘wisdom’, the New York medical monopoly decided that life for them would be simpler and better if they would just outlaw a non-invasive test that they didn’t use and couldn’t otherwise control.

So, to this day our remote clients who live in New York State have to go to a neighboring state if they want to have a hair trace mineral assessment done.

My apologies to the people of New York for being such a ‘trouble-maker’…

I certainly never intended to do harm to any of those poor physicians who found my practices to be disconcerting…

As the one lawyer I know of who is also a Saint said, “I mean none harm… I think none harm…”

That lawyer is St. Thomas Moore.

St. Thomas Moore

The third complaint was considerably more innocuous in its outcome…

But I had better share it now, or you will likely conjure something worse…

I was learning and implementing methods of what we now call Photobiomodulation.

For example, I put full spectrum lighting in the clinic.

And when half of the front office was changed over, I happened to be pacing back and forth concentrating on reading a technical article…

But all of a sudden, as I was passing from one light spectrum (regular fluorescent) to another (full spectrum), my attention was drawn to a very noticeable shift from eye strain to eye comfort and ease…

I was also exploring the use of selected bands of light in the visible spectrum for healing through the eyes…

Yes, that means color therapy.

The technical form of it: Syntonic Optometry.

Syntonics had been a very popular form of therapy early in the 20th century…

Before the advent of the present pharmaceutical era.

Here’s what happened, in a nutshell:

The Rockefellers had perfected the art of monopoly first in the oil industry and then in transportation.

Since the state of greed is fundamentally insatiable, they looked to medicine to further expand their market…

Besides, it was actually a return to their original market.

Did you know that “Rock Oil” was the original competitor for “Snake Oil”?

And Rock Oil (Petroleum) won the marketing battle for use as medicine, even though we now know that real snake oil is the highest known source of essential fatty acids?

Today, probably about 2/3 of all medicines are derived from petroleum.

The other 1/3?

Still come from plants.

Like Metformin from French Lilac…

So, how did the Rockefellers take over medicine, resulting in Petrochemical Pharma now being the most lucrative business on our once green and botanical medicine covered Earth?

They started, along with the Carnegies, by funding the Flexner Report.

The Flexner Report

It was a study of the various fields of medicine, all of which were unlicensed and largely unregulated at that time.

They were looking for the one approach to medicine that would give them the one thing they most desired from medicine…

Patent Medicine, also known as Allopathic Medicine (allopathic means “different disease” because treatment with a toxic drug introduces a different disease into the body which typically suppresses some function that is causing a symptom in the body’s attempt to heal itself).

Homeopathic Medicine

was the leading form of medicine at the time, as it still is on a global scale today. Homeopathy is stimulatory, non-toxic and has no side effects.

Botanical Medicine uses the medicinal qualities of plants that we have shared the Earth with throughout our genetic history.

Naturopathic Medicine uses natural substances and energies to support and stimulate healing.

Osteopathic Medicine chose to join Allopathic Medicine to avoid being wiped out when state licensing laws were being promoted by the Rockefeller combine. Today, they are rediscovering their roots…

Ecclectic Medicine is my favorite. Their philosophy was to consider all of the other methods, and select the one most suited for a particular patient or condition.

The strategy of the monopolists was to build on the foundation of patent law, adding state licensing of physicians to drive out other competing methods of healing, and establishing the FDA to suppress competition and even communication about the healing properties of anything but their ‘approved’ patent medicines.

The most extreme example was when someone suggested that water could be used to treat dehydration, and the FDA actually ruled that to be a drug claim.

I’m not kidding.

I’ve seen, for example, a copy of a letter from the FDA telling a company that “there is no mechanism for evaluation of non-toxic cancer therapies.”

You see, the drug in this case was a derivative of the herb Chelidonium majus (Celandine), and it had already been approved to treat cancer in other countries…

The ‘problem’ was that it is non-toxic.

That’s why you’ll never see a non-toxic chemotherapy approved to treat cancer in the States…

Even though there are over 100 cancer ‘cures’ documented in the medical and scientific literature.

It’s a sick system.

Don’t get me wrong.

There are times that our medical system is the best place in the world to have access to…

Like major trauma.

And many of the diagnostic capabilities are wonderful.

Just watch out for the invasive diagnostic procedures.

Ask yourself: 

How will I treat myself differently based on the information from this procedure?

Now - back to color and light therapy:

So, way back when, the FDA made it ILLEGAL to ship color therapy books and instruments across state lines.


Your safe.

That regulation is officially still on the books last I heard.

Your tax dollars hard at work, keeping color out of the gray suited world of pharmaceuticals.

So, from the time that thousands of eye doctors used color to heal the eyes and vision, to the time that hardly anyone even remembered that there was once a College of Syntonic Optometry based in Ohio… it only took a generation.

When Doctor of Optometry, Raymond Gottlieb, O.D., F.C.O.V.D., Ph.D., F.C.S.O. was researching for his Ph.D., he came across some references to Syntonics, and began a process of intellectual archeology…

What he discovered was a couple practitioners in small Mid-Western towns who never got the message that light officially ‘doesn’t work’ any more…

In fact, the people in their towns didn’t realize it either.

Even the light itself seemed to be ignoring the new edict from on high!

When someone new moved to town and complained of a sinus headache, instead of pointing out the location of the town’s pharmacy, the neighbors would simply let them know that they should go to the local eye doctor and look at the Blue-Green light.

Problem solved.

So, while I was researching how this rediscovered modality of photobiomodulation could help heal vision and eye health issues, I was also fascinated with the new research coming out on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)…


(Not to be confused with the other SAD: the Standard American Diet)

I had reprinted an article about full spectrum light therapy for Seasonal Depression, and had a few copies in my exam room to share with patients.

A patient came to me who recounted her medical history of depression, and the medication she was prescribed on and off as needed.

I enquired if the depression tended to be worse in the winter…

She seemed impressed with the question, and said, as a matter of fact, it was.

I told her of the research that was being done in psychiatry and gave her the article reprint so she could be informed about the latest advances in science and medicine that were quite relevant to her personal health.

I proceeded to treat her for her visual situation without suggesting that she should even consider changing anything about her medication or how she was handling her pattern of depression.

But when she shared the article with her psychiatrist, he apparently felt that I had stepped on his toes!

He actually filed a claim that I was practicing medicine!

The claim was rejected.

I wasn’t ‘practicing medicine.’

I still don’t.

I do teach people about healing, though…

Especially about how you can heal yourself.

And do it faster than the damage is occurring in most cases.

In my case, once I had removed all of the Amalgam from my teeth, I found that my body was ready to receive Indigo light.

When I did that, I experienced a tremendous wave of emotional release… tears of relief and comfort.

With that release, my eye pressures finally normalized to 15 in both eyes, from the high 20’s…

So, that’s how in 40 years as a Doctor, I have had 3 complaints…

All by other Doctors.

Not one by a patient or client.

For many years, I practiced Optometry as a licensed eye doctor in New York, Oregon and Hawai’i.

Now, I am provide Wellness Care, and practice Pastoral Medicine.

Instead of treating diseases, I treat health and wellness…

Instead of treating material body parts, I treat the whole energetic person, body, mind and soul.

I’m still a Doctor, but no longer a Doctor of the State.

Now I consider myself a Doctor of the Church…

Because Spirit Matters!

You can treat and manage the dysfunctions of the body, and easily forget that the quality of life is what is most important to the sufferer.

A study in England looked at Hypertension (High Blood Pressure).

The treating physicians all agreed that the patients improved with drug treatment, because their blood pressure numbers looked more like those of healthy people.

But were the patients ACTUALLY healthier?

In this rare study, they also checked with the patients, their family members and their pastors.

They found that they were all in agreement, too.

But not with the conclusion of the medics.

They all noted that the patients were less healthy, less energetic and less actively engaged in the community…

The thing to realize is that the body is intelligent…

More intelligent even than Doctors, despite all the years of diligent study, the degrees and the licenses. the body increase blood pressure?

The heart has to work harder to increase that pressure, and the reason is the resistance to the flow of blood through the kidneys, which are the high pressure filter to clean the blood.

So the answer is that when the blood is not clean, it gets thicker and a higher pressure is needed to clean it.

So, what if instead of adding toxins that suppress heart function, we worked on cleansing the blood?

We could still monitor blood pressure, not thinking of it as a ‘disease’, but as a biofeedback on the effectiveness of our cleansing process…

You see, I have come to believe that when we diagnose disease and treat it with a toxin, as we do routinely in Allopathic Medicine, we are actually introducing TWO new diseases. 

One is the toxin.

The other is a demon.

That sounds extreme, I know.

But hear me out…

A demon is simply an angel that has no life of its own.

All of its life energy and power comes from our faith belief in it.

That’s why exorcists will tell you that the first rule is to pay no attention at all to them…

The Cure of Ars

Think of the Cure of Ars, one of the holiest men of all time, who paid no attention to all the physical phenomena others reported happening all around him when they visited his home…

Evil consists of vortices of darkness.

And like shadows, all the actual energy and power of those forms comes from the light.

That’s why we focus on treating function, not dysfunction…

When you try to kill, or even ‘manage’ a shadow, you just create more darkness…

So I encourage you to strive to think of your diagnoses not as ‘things’ or ‘entities’, but merely as observable, identifiable patterns in the flow form that is this temporal body that is gifted and loaned to us in this life.

Practice the art of Aikido with your medical status labels.

Receive your symptoms as honored messengers rich with meaning and guidance for your path to spiritual growth and development.

Our spiritual gifts emerge from the alchemy of healing as we face the challenges life brings our way. 

As my fellow Dartmouth student and poet Robert Frost once wrote, “I took the road less travelled by, and that has made all the difference…”

Two roads diverged...

The Start of A New Paradigm

by Dr. Glen Swartwout

My Battle With the Balrog Mercury.

As a very young child, I had many high fevers. As an Ivy League trained Registered Nurse, my mother had easy access to Antibiotics where she worked at the hospital.

We now know that Antibiotics like Tetracycline impair the development of the tooth enamel…

(Click the video below to watch and listen, or click here to continue reading...)

Since I lacked the protection of that enamel, my teeth developed many cavities…

Our family dentist was trained to enlarge those cavities and fill the new larger holes in my teeth with what they called Silver Amalgam fillings.

Silver Amalgam fillings are over 50% Mercury when they are placed in the teeth.

Since Mercury is a liquid metal, it allows the amalgam or mixture of metals to flow…

It is easy for the Dentist to place the material in the enlarged cavity they have drilled into the tooth.

The amalgam does not bond to the tooth, so it must have a shape that will hold itself in mechanically.

That means the filling is actually even larger inside the tooth than what you see on the surface…

Now, Mercury is a toxin.

It is illegal to put that filling material in the garbage, or down the drain…

The amount of Mercury in one average sized filling is enough to poison a 5 acre lake.

That means it would be hazardous to eat the fish from that lake!

But isn’t the Mercury securely contained inside the filling?


Remember, it is a liquid.

So, it leaches out of the filling.

The Mercury in an Amalgam filling has a half life of 20 years…

That means that in 20 years, half of the Mercury that used to be in that filling has gone somewhere else…

So, where does it go?


It leaches out into your mouth, and into your food, especially as you are chewing.

Chewing gum increases the release of Mercury from fillings.

Hot food and drink increases the release of Mercury because of the temperature…

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) increase the release of Mercury even more!

And those fields can even come from inside your mouth!

When different metals are used in dental materials (or other metallic implants elsewhere in the body), they create a battery that moves those metals around the body.

Teeth Reflexology Chart

Decay often forms underneath amalgams, and that is a problem because pathogenic microbes can transform metallic Mercury into Mercuric Chloride or Methyl Mercury.

Those forms are about 1000 times MORE toxic!

And it turns out that the catalyst that methylates Mercury is Methylcobalamin…

That’s right.

One of the two active coenzyme forms of Vitamin B12!

In fact, that’s why when I’m formulating natural remedies, and Vitamin B12 is called for, I use a combination of the two active forms that is mostly Adenosylcobalamin.

Adenosylcobalamin is the coenzyme form of Vitamin B12 used by the Mitochondria…

The last thing I want to do when making a catalyst for healing is to catalyze the transformation of Mercury into its methylated organic form, which will be more readily incorporated into the organic chemistry of the body…

After all, I did take the Hippocratic Oath:

“Primum non nocere.” 

Which means: 

“First do no harm.”


When a tooth with an Amalgam filling gets cracked, the situation can get even worse.

Even without a crack, Mercury leaks into the blood, lymph and nerves inside the tooth.

Those channels transport Mercury directly to the brain!

From there, Mercury travels down the spinal column and shows up in organs like the genitals.

Not good.

Here’s a story that illustrates why:

A colleague of mine was a very athletic young man.

He had played football before becoming a doctor…

As a busy physician, he didn’t have much time to maintain his physical conditioning, but he decided it was time to work out and get back in shape…

As soon as he worked out, he wound up flat on his back, unable to recover for days…

After this happened several times in a row, he realized the pattern, and he contacted me for a consultation…

Through electrophysiological testing with German Diagnostic Electroacupuncture methods, we were able to determine that Mercury was a key toxin.

We were able to localize an energetic disturbance field to a particular tooth. 

That tooth was a cracked tooth that contained an Amalgam filling. 

He had even had an intuition that the cracked tooth was somehow connected to his sudden and severe exercise intolerance.

But none of the medical professionals that had seen him in his brief hospital stays found any reason for his body’s odd reactions…

Once he had that tooth removed, he began to recover.

We supported his process of Mercury detoxification by selecting natural remedies for him that balanced his body’s electrical impedance in all of the electrical circuits known in Oriental Medicine as Meridians and Vessels.

As he recovered his strength and his ability to work out without landing in the hospital, he also noticed that some rather large lipomas were starting to get smaller.

Previously, they had been growing…

You see, a lipoma is a benign fatty tumor…

A repository for fat soluble toxins including Mercury.

…Back to my story:

I wound up with 14 very large Silver Amalgam fillings in my adult teeth.

One way to measure how actively the Mercury is interacting with the body is to measure the current coming off each filling.

The German Dentists call it Buccal Current.

You see the Buccal tissue refers to the cheek.

And they use the Cheek as the contact for the ground electrode when measuring what might more properly be called DentalCurrents.


Mine were off the chart.

All 14 of them.

And by the time I found that out, I already knew that I was not excreting the Mercury, because it didn’t show up in excretion tissues like my hair, or my urine…

It was building up year after year in my organs and tissues.

Like my pancreas.

My brain…

You name it…

The electrophysiological analysis of my body’s energy field (Biofield) also showed that I was a Mercury non-excreter.

Suddenly, so many things made sense.

Like why I would temporarily forget my phone number.

And even my name.

At age 30.

A friend who was just a few years older said, “Yeah, that’s aging… I experience that, too…”

I didn’t buy it.

There had to be a cause.

I had suspected Mercury from my fillings.

I had looked on a material level with lab chemistries…

But to no avail.


If “aging” is simply the passage of time, attributing degeneration or loss of function to it completely misses the question of the causal mechanism…

You might as well say that something is caused by “space”…

(Like saying that gravity is ‘caused’ by curvature of ‘space-time’ - but more on that later - and I promise: No complicated equations filled with Greek letters!!)


I also learned that if I didn’t do something drastic about my situation, I would soon be dead from a stroke!

In fact, based on comparison of my blood with hundreds of thousands of other patients, it is over 99% certain that I would have died in my 30’s.

That test result was the one thing that would have motivated me to spend thousands of dollars at my dentist’s office over the following year to replace those 14 fillings when my mouth was not even in any pain…

That test is so predictive that in European Biological Medicine, it is known as the Medicine of the Future…

The actual name of the test is Bioelectronics of Vincent (or BEV for short).

BEV Chart

The science behind the BEV test has become the basis of my 5 Phases of Health model of the biophysical terrains of health and disease.

We’ll get into all that later, as it is one of the fundamental dimensions of health in my Clinical Theory of Everything.

Just a little background will suffice for now…

Vincent was a scientist, a hydrologist, hired by France to study their water quality in the first half of the last century.

As a scientist, he proceeded to apply the parameters in the Nernst Equation of Physics so that he could calculate the actual physical energy content (in microwatts) in the various water supplies.

Since this is not the book for delving into the actual equation, I’ll just tell you that he was measuring the levels of three key components of the water’s energy:

Protons (pH, acid/alkaline balance)

Electrons (rH2, molecular Hydrogen - the perfect antioxidant)

Photons (resistivity - determined by ionization, when enough resonant light energy is absorbed by electrons in matter)

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Having studied honors Chemistry at Dartmouth, and since my major studies also included Hydrology, Physics and Biology, I found this science to provide a fascinating foundation for observing the biological transformations between health, disease, and back to health again.

My primary Mentor at the time, the Chairman of the Board for the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, pointed me to a book called The Real Trace Mineral Problem by Michel Deville, Founder of Switzerland’s Centre de Recherches et d’Applications sur les Oligolements.

The book outlined how people tend to move through the 5 terrains in a particular order as they get sicker.

That same order reverses over time for those who heal themselves.

This observation, distilled from measurement of hundreds of thousands of patients throughout Europe over many decades, gave me the basis for my 5 Phases of Health and Disease.

Understanding the 5 Phases of Health is important in understanding and navigating your healing process.

For example, if you have Amalgam fillings, we don’t recommend starting to remove them until you get your Phase up to at least Phase 3 (Regeneration).

The only exception is if there is a conventional dental reason, such as a cracked tooth, or decay around or underneath the filling.

We also caution against planning more than 2 dental restorations at one visit.

When you remove an Amalgam, you will be exposed to more Mercury temporarily when it is being drilled out.

It is essential to work with a Biological Dentist.

They will use a low speed drill to take out chunks of Amalgam, so much less Mercury is vaporized in the process.

They will also use a rubber dam to prevent you from swallowing the Mercury as it is taken out…

They will use additional protective protocols as well to ensure you have the best outcome.

Find a Biological Dentist near you through one of these professional organizations:

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)

Click here for to perform an Accredited Member Search by region.

International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM)

Click here to search for a Member near you.

Be sure to give yourself at least a month with specific individualized detoxification support, such as our Accelerated Self Healing program in between those dental restoration visits. 

By the way, my first book, first written in the 1980’s was promoted by the American Academy of Biological Dentistry, as well as the Institute for Baugiologie (Healthy Building).

If you would like a digital or print copy of the newest edition, you can click here to order one on our online store, RemedyMatch.com, or of course it is also available at our son’s company: Amazon, where he helps manage their ebooks...

If you want to let me know about your whole situation, so we can help guide you to a higher level of wellness, watch the webinar at AcceleratedSelfHealing.com and at the end, you can schedule a free Transformation Discovery Session with us.

Why Is It Important to Follow the Protocol?

We had a client who was suffering from autoimmune issues.

Mercury commonly contributes to all kinds of immune issues.

It deranges the immune system…

In fact it can cause any symptom, depending on where it is stuck in the body.

Because of this, it is known as the “Great Masquerader” of the mineral kingdom…

It is also the most symptomatic of all the heavy metals…

So it doesn’t take a large quantity to stir up trouble.

It just needs to be stuck in an uncomfortable place.

Back in the day when Syphilis was the most prevalent venereal disease (STD), it was also known as the “Great Masquerader” of the bacterial world…

This similarity between the mineral and the bacteria are also seen in the fact that at that time, Mercury was the major treatment used for Syphilis.

This principle of resonance is expressed in the Homeopathic Law of Similars: “Like cures like.”

The first Homeopathic medicine discovered by Hahnemann was China, also known as Peruvian Bark…

It was the main herbal treatment for Malaria at that time.

And he discovered the principles of homeopathy by first realizing that the symptoms caused by overuse of China in a healthy person simulated the symptoms of Malaria, the disease the herb was used to treat.


Back to Mercury and Amalgams - 

Our client had travelled to a famous and well-respected holistic clinic to have her amalgams removed, in the hopes of relieving her severe autoimmune condition…

The clinic had removed a mouth full of amalgams in one day, with the protection of an intravenous Vitamin C and Glutathione drip.

Unfortunately, the protection wasn’t enough for her already compromised immune system, and her condition worsened greatly…

I like to say that we give no medals for healing the fastest.

After all health and longevity are highly correlated.

Health and longevity are both ‘slow races’…

The last one still getting better wins.

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